The almighty protein.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

One thing I’ve read on OH over and over is the need to get in the protein. I live in terror of losing my hair, and though I know it’s likely, I want to avoid as much of the trauma as possible. So I’ve started to research options.

I read tonight about a small company called Vitalady where you can get samples of the different kinds of proteins out there for about $2 each. Guess I’ll be making an order in the next few weeks.

At work in the soda machine they have SoBe diet cranberry-grapefruit drink. The non-diet is SO much better tasting but I can stomach the diet, so that’s currently drink of choice. I’m mostly off the caffeine now — my daily coffee is primarily decaf. Haven’t had a regular Coke in ages. A diet cherry-vanilla Dr Pepper is open on the desk beside me right now.

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